The Best Picnic Hampers for the Summer UK

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Let’s get rid of the odd plates and plastic bags full of food when you eat outside now’s the time to invest in a beautiful wicker hamper as we are getting into the British Summer. If you want to get really traditional, then you’ll need a picnic basket. 

We’ve shaken out our picnic blankets (or not in some cases, as some picnic baskets include one) and made sandwiches, salads and cakes galore to test out this year’s top picnic baskets. 

Before buying yours, make sure there’s enough room for all your food – some have barely enough space for cheese and wine, let alone a feast.

And consider if you’ll need a two, four or even six-person basket. Do you want an insulated food bag to keep food cool?

And do you prefer the idea of proper plates and glasses or the more practical plastic equivalents?

Affordable and Von Shef 4 Person Navy Picnic Hamper with Free Delivery

Fill this great-value grey wicker hamper up with edible goodies, find a good picnic spot, and Bob’s your uncle. The handles fold down, then the two sides of the lid – which house the cutlery – flip up to reveal a roomy area where you can store your gastronomic delights, while the four cotton napkins, dinner plates, plastic wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers and bottle opener attached to the sides. There’s a soft, waterproof-backed picnic blanket thrown in, making this an ultra-comprehensive option.

Full Picnic Dining Set Included

Inside, you’ll find lots of space for all your picnic must-haves and, because the basket stays upright at all times, you won’t have to worry about drinks leaking or cakes squashing together.

Set includes:

  • 4 x cotton napkins
  • 4 x stainless steel knives with polypropylene handle
  • 4 x stainless steel forks with polypropylene handle
  • 4 x stainless steel spoons with polypropylene handle
  • 4 x 7″ ceramic dinner plates
  • 4 x plastic wine glasses
  • 2 x salt & pepper shakers
  • 1 x bottle opener

Also comes with a matching striped soft fleece picnic blanket with waterproof PEVA backing. Measures approx. 115 x 135cm.

Basket size: 46 x 31 x 27cm approx.

“I brought this basket as a gift, what a lovely purchase. Great quality”. Hai

“Really good quality product.” Carina

Source: The Independent

The Amazing The Alderley Picnic Hamper, Great for the Family

Bunches luxury hampers are sourced by a dedicated team and filled with gourmet foods, delicious treats, wines and chocolates. Presented in keepsake baskets and boxes, a luxury food hamper makes a great gift. A mouth-watering selection of gourmet foods ideal to share with all the family.

Caramelised Onion & Garlic Chutney, Classic Truffles and Chocolate Tray Bake are accompanied by a bottle of Sangiovese Rubicone wine – yum! 

This hamper contains 11 items:

  • Vina Oria Tempranillo 75cl (Spain) 13% Vol
  • Mighty Fine Milk Chocolate Honeycomb Dips 90g
  • Taste Half Chocolate Coated Oat Flips 150g
  • Yorkshire Crisps Chardonnay Wine Vinegar 50g
  • Mrs Bridges Caramelised Onion & Garlic Chutney 100g
  • Eternal Grocer Chilli Coated Peanuts 100g
  • Olives Et Al Lemon and Coriander Olives 100g
  • Jacquot Classic Truffles 200g
  • Buttermilk Rum Hot Chocolate Fudge 100g
  • Great British Biscotti Cheddar & Fennel 100g
  • Original Cake Company Chocolate Tray Bake

Presented in a domed wicker basket.

“Having been using Bunches for 10 years+ Excellent value for money Always great comments from whoever I send them too.”. Susan

“I always use bunches and have recommended them to friends who also use them now”. Anne

A Truly Luxurious Picnic Hamper to be enjoyed with Friends or Family: The Picnic Hamper

A delightful selection of gourmet savoury foods presented in a brown wicker picnic basket including plates and cutlery. Perfect for a sunny day out! It includes a selection of cheese, wine and Spanish Serrano ham, a truly luxurious picnic hamper to be enjoyed with friends or family.

Perfect for a sunny day out! It includes a selection of cheese, wine and Spanish Serrano ham.

This hamper contains 11 items:

  • Chardonnay Arpeggio Catarratto Italy 75cl 12.5% vol
  • Barber’s Farmhouse Mature Cheddar Truckle 200g
  • Ford Farm Double Gloucester with Chives & Spring Onion Truckle 200g
  • West Country Farmhouse Cheddar & Onion Crisps 150g
  • Espuna Tapas Essentials Sliced Serrano Ham 70g
  • Otter Vale Apricot Chutney 225g
  • Silver & Green Thyme Bay Olives 220g
  • Story White Grape & Elderflower Sparkling Fruit Presse 75cl
  • The Dormen Baked Nuts & Fruit 160g
  • Titbits Mature Cheddar & Finest Oats Gourmet Bites 100g
  • Grandma Wild’s Oaty Biscuits Cheese Red Pepper & Pumpkin Seeds 130g

Delivered in a brown wicker picnic basket.

“Always a good range of choice for any season for any occasion!! at sensible prices”. Micheal

“Bunches UK have never let me down when I send gifts/flowers to the UK. Easy web site and delivery is always on time”. Carol

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