5 Easy Steps to Make the Perfect Date Hamper

This is a Way Better Romantic/Valentine’s Gift

Tell your loved one you’ve got romantic/Valentine’s Day covered.

Then put together this easy DIY date night gift hamper. You can do it last minute, and you can do it cheaply. And it’ll be way more romantic than yelling at each other in a crowded restaurant.

This DIY gift hamper has everything you need for a cosy romantic or Valentine’s Day movie night.

Present your love with this gift basket – containing all the essentials for a special movie night on the couch or depending on if the weather is beautiful in the Summer, go to the park.

How to Make Your DIY Date Night Gift Hamper

This date night gift basket also makes a great anniversary gift, plus it’s a fun date night idea for any time of year.

  1. Get a basket/hamper
  2. Fill the basket/hamper with your favourite movie night treats:
    • Popcorn
    • Wine
    • Chocolate
  3. Find a cosy blanket to throw in the basket too.
  4. Watch a romantic comedy or a love film (if indoors)
  5. If you do not have time for the above then, take a look at our fantastic hampers, deliver by post here.

That’s it!

Easiest Valentine’s or romantic gift hamper ever.

Source: Happyyouhappyfamily