Top 10 British Cheese


Top 10 British Cheese

Here is a fantastic delicious list of the 10  kinds of cheese which prove Britain is now one of the best cheesemaking nations.

1. Appleby’s Cheshire

A family-run Appleby’s cheese with a more savoury, mineral-led flavour with the characteristic zesty citrus tang that’s made Cheshire such a popular cheese since the eleventh century.

2. Beauvale

A new cheese made by a very old Stilton producer (Cropwell Bishop), Beauvale has a creamy, soft texture (let it come to room temperature and it’s almost spreadable) and mild blue flavour made it an instant award-winner.

3. Berkswell

British-made goat and sheep’s milk cheese. Berkswell is a sheep’s milk variety that’s matured until firm with a sweet, caramel flavour and moreish nuttiness that lingers on the tongue.

4. Cornish Yarg

An iconic British cheese that’s wrapped in nettle leaves as it ages, adding further flavour and a striking appearance to the final wheel. This, combined with the creamy texture (which gets crumblier towards the centre) and slightly tangy taste. It also comes wrapped in wild garlic leaves for a truly seasonal speciality.

5. Keen’s Cheddar

A proper handmade West Country Farmhouse Cheddar (PDO-protected) is less sweet and is what cheddar is supposed to taste like.

6. Sparkenhoe Red Leicester

Red Leicester has been around donkeys of years. The deep, fiery orange, sweet, long-lasting nuttiness and chewy texture put other Leicester to shame.

7. Stichelton

This creamy and tangy cheese is better than traditional Stilton.

8. Stinking Bishop

Stinking Bishop certainly let off a serious pong. This is because it’s washed in pear cider which helps develop the beautiful pink rind. The cheese is quite mild and herby.

9. Ticklemore

A brilliant white cheese is made from goat’s milk with a very clean, refreshing flavour that doesn’t have the classic overpowering ‘goatiness’ of some more aged goat’s cheese. The texture is quite firm, and the unusual shape is a result of being drained in a basket.

10. Tunworth

A Camembert-style soft cheese. It has an incredible depth of flavour with hints of mushroom, cabbage, milk and fresh fruit. The rind is wafer-thin, just strong enough to hold the oozing middle together. The cheese itself has been named the best in Britain twice.

Image: Rebecca Orlov-unsplash